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Inside the Spiral

Self-portrait by Marie Elise West, drawn shortly after a 1997 hospitalization (MARIE ELISE WEST)
West as a child ()
Growing up ()
Looking lovely ()
West, at left, was lucid and lively when she posed with fellow Mary Kay cosmetics conventioneers in 1998. ()
West married Al Bowman in 1999. ()
West slept 18 hours a day when depressed. ()
On New Year’s Eve ()
West at home after being hospitalized in spring 2000 ()
West at Patton State Hospital days after Jesus Plascencia’s death in September 2000 ()
At Patton State Hospital Christmas 2001 ()
West’s parents, Roger and Geraldine West (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)
West’s husband Bowman and attorney Carl Capozzola dispute the hate-crime charge. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)