Playing at Mt. Rushmore
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Seeing South Dakota

Colin Gossin, 10, slides down a banister at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, where Gutzon Borglum and others carved the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
Begging burros surround a car in Custer State Park. The animals trace their roots to a herd that once took visitors up Harney Peak. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
A bison rests in front of the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park, which served as President Coolidge’s summer White House in 1927. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
John Syrek feeds his daughter Jamie, 3, breakfast in the Buffalo Dining Room at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. A $56-million renovation of the monument and its visitor facilities was completed in 1998. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
At Old MacDonald’s Petting Farm, along Highway 16 on the road to Mt. Rushmore, its namesake animals hang out on “Goat Bridge.” The area is home to many tourist attractions that recall those of the 1950s. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
A 1:300 scale model of Korczak Ziolkowski’s still incomplete Crazy Horse sculpture stands in a museum a mile from the memorial site. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)