Kraft Dinner
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Favorites, Old and New

Kraft Dinner
1937: Kraft Cheese Co. starts marketing dry macaroni with a packet of grated cheese as Kraft Dinner. According to legend, Kraft noticed that a salesman in St. Louis had been selling packets of Kraft cheese by tying them to packages of pasta. ()
Mac, With Blue Cheese
Eatwell in Silver Lake sticks to the traditional elbow macaroni but uses four cheeses, including blue cheese. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)
Classic Cheddar
Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch serves a classic American Cheddar version. (GENARO MOLINA / LAT)
Local favorite
The House’s version comes topped with delicate bread crumbs. (BOB CHAMBERLIN / LAT)
House’s Secret Ingredient
The House’s secret ingredient: Goat’s milk Cheddar made by Redwood Hill Farm in Sonoma County. (RICHARD HARTOG / LAT)
Upscale Mac & Cheese
Today: New American Cuisine chefs vary mac & cheese for better (using goat cheese Cheddar, shown here ) and worse (with everything from chipotle peppers to foie gras). (RICHARD HARTOG / LAT)