Mayme Clayton
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A Black Portrait, in 20,000 Pieces

Retired librarian Mayme Clayton, 78, began building her idiosyncratic collection of African American books and collectibles in the 1970s and is working with her son to find it a new home. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)
This movie poster is included in the collection’s 20,000 pieces. Also among the pieces: 500 films, 300 videos and a signed 1773 copy of a book by an ex-slave, the first book published by an African American. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)
Clayton’s collection includes an announcement of a slave sale in 1859. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)
Autographed print of A. Phillip Randolph, who fought for African American rights, is in the collection. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)
Stereo daguerreotype, an early form of photography, dated 1897 is among pieces owned by Mayme Clayton. (CLARENCE WILLIAMS / LAT)