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Iraqis React

A car load of Iraqis celebrates the announcement of Iraqi sovereignty today. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Iraqis celebrate today’s transfer of sovereignty to Iraq in front of the Iraqi Communist Party headquarters. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Iraqis cheer the announcement of Iraqi sovereignty today, which came two days earlier than expected . The man in the back seat holds a piece of candy. Many bags of candy were given away to passing motorists in celebration of the moment. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Iraqis celebrate with cautious optimism as Iraq regained its sovereignty today. Several armed guards were on hand to protect celebrants gathered in Baghdad. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Iraqis gather in Candles restaurant in Baghdad today as Ghazi Al-Yawar, 45, the newly named President of Iraq, speaks live on television. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
An Iraqi police officer watches over the road where insurgents had earlier fired on police from an overpass following today’s transfer of sovereignty to Iraqi. In the background are posters of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The were no injuries in the shooting incident but police are on higher alert for any possible attacks. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Fahd Nejm watches news of the hand-over in Baghdad. Some businesses had closed in anticipation of violence. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
An Iraqi youth clings onto the back of a pickup truck as he rides through central Baghdad traffic celebrating the transfer of power today. (Rick Loomis / LAT)