Annie Clemmons
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Pastry Chefs and Their Creations

Annie Clemmons spins sugar for garnish. (RACHEL WEILL)
Baked Alaska with blackberry and Cabernet sauce. (RACHEL WEILL)
Donna Claxton with her strawberry tart. (RACHEL WEILL)
Grand marinier soufflé with vanilla sauce. (RACHEL WEILL)
Black licorice and Meyer lemon parfait with nougat montellimar. (RACHEL WEILL)
Kimberly Boyce forms brown sugar dough crusts for her strawberry rhubarb custard tatrs. (RACHEL WEILL)
Natasha MacAller prepares the filling for her blackberry apricot crisp. (RACHEL WEILL)
Warm strawberry shortcake with warm Meyer lemon curd, whipped cream and organic strawberries. (RACHEL WEILL)
Pulled sugar garnish (RACHEL WEILL)
Warm vanilla-scented crepes with a lemon and honey butter sauce and candied kumquat ice cream. (RACHEL WEILL)
T’ai Chopping with her raisin walnut bread. (RACHEL WEILL)
Artemio Sanchez with his warm chocolate truffle cake with vanilla ice cream and Eiffel tower cookie. (RACHEL WEILL)
Yellow peach cobbler with almond ice cream. (RACHEL WEILL)