View of the Matterhorn
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Exploring Zermatt

Views of the Matterhorn have been known to stir the mountain climber in many tourists. Though surrounding peaks may seem forbidding, they are surprisingly accessible by a network of railways, lifts and cable cars. (FRANK S. BATHIS)
Two picture-perfect Saint Bernards pose for tourists at the last stop of the Gornergrat train. (SUSAN SPANO / LAT)
The Matterhorn towers over the final stop of the Gornergrat railway. The area is a mountain walker’s and skier’s paradise, where snow clings at high altitude year-round. (LARRY ULRICH)
Fondue and soft cheeses are a staple in Switzerland. On the breakfast buffet, you may find muesli, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, meats and pastry. (SUSAN SPANO / LAT)
Cars are not permitted in Zermatt, where signs are in German, although the town is near French-speaking Switzerland. (SUSAN SPANO / LAT)
Hinterdorf Street in central Zermatt is lined with traditional larchwood stadels, or stalls. (SUSAN SPANO / LAT)