Gut check
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Big Air

Gut check
GUT CHECK: Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins once stood for five hours at the top of the roll-in ramp before summoning the courage to take off. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
Adams-Hawkins, 15, soars high over the MegaRamp at Point X, in a remote area of Aguanga, near Temecula, California. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
Adams-Hawkins takes a break from soaring over the MegaRamp. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
Adams-Hawkins celebrates a successful jump after soaring over the MegaRamp at Point X. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
Adams-Hawkins makes a tribute to her father while skating. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
The sky’s the limit
THE SKY’S THE LIMIT: Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins of Encinitas gets seriously airborne off the Mega Ramp. Going up is the easy part; it’s coming down that can create problems. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)
A fellow skateboarder watches as Lyn-z Adams-Hawkins flies over the MegaRamp. (Allen J. Schaben / LAT)