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Shirat Hayam Is Evacuated

A protester jumps over barbed wire after dousing debris blocking the main road into Shirat Hayam with lighter fluid. Despite fierce resistance, Israeli soldiers removed settlers as well as protesters from the settlement Thursday. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
A young settler in Shirat Hayam argues with an Israeli soldier as the officer pleads with his family to leave peacefully. Soldiers evacuated the settlement forcibly on Thursday. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
Israeli soldiers forcibly remove a settler from Shirat Hayam. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
The Star of David is weaved into the main gate at Shirat Hayam. The Gush Katif settlement was evacuated Thursday. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
An Israeli soldier comforts another in Shirat Hayam during the forcible evacuation of Jewish settlers and protesters from the Gaza Strip. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
A Shirat Hayam settler screams at soldiers Thursday as they break down his front door to remove him and his family from their home. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
Israeli soldiers struggle with settlers and protesters who tried to escape through the window of an evacuation bus in Shirat Hayam. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
Protesters barricaded themselves on the roof of a house in Shirat Hayam to prevent Israeli soldiers from evacuating the settlement. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
A protester sets debris blocking the main gate into Shirat Hayam on fire. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)