Finding her way
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Staff Photos from Aug. 16 to 22

Finding her way
Karla Valencia, right, practices a merengue dance with friends and relatives in preparation for her sister’s quinceanera. Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times  (
Remote Area Medical health fair
Jessie Barbour, left, and a tearful Kimberly Anne Hall hug after getting free medical and dental help on the eighth and final day of the Remote Area Medical health fair and clinic at the Forum in Inglewood on Tuesday. More than 6,000 patients received free medical, dental and eye care, said Jean Jolley, volunteer coordinator for the group. Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times (,0,2332040.photogallery)
To the trains
Rush-hour commuters pass through the eight turnstiles that have been installed at the Alameda Street portal for the Red Line stop in Union Station. Five others are in operation at the Wilshire-Normandie station. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times (
Denied permission to attend Verbum Dei High School
Peter Watts and his son Avery, 13, outside Junipero Serra High School in Gardena. Avery was denied permission to attend Verbum Dei High School, because his families income exceeded the maximum financial threshold as Verbum has a mission to educate poor students and Peter makes too much money. Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times (,0,7211199.story)
Marine veterans marking the 56th annual reunion
On the Navy ship named for the battle they fought in, Marine veterans marking the 56th annual reunion of the 12th Defense Battalion receive plaudits. One in three Marines was killed or wounded during the two-month campaign that began in mid-September 1944. Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times (,0,3367787.story)
A head above the rest
Tyrone Marshall of the Seattle Sounders rises to the occasion against several Galaxy players. Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times  (
Tender loving care
Gabriele Olivas puts protective bags around dates at SeaView Ranch in Coachella. Harvesting starts in September, but this year Ramadan starts earlier. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times (,0,7858587.story)
Mountains ablaze
Jason Mitchell, 33, of the Forest Service, watches the La Brea fire from the upper reaches of Cottonwood Canyon in Santa Barbara County. By Sunday evening, the 87,000-acre blaze was 64% contained, officials said. Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times (,0,3207658.story)
A giant leap
Ramon Garcia Park welcomes skateboarders and others. Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times  (
Whew, that was close
James Loney reaches out and barely beats the tag by St. Louis catcher Jason LaRue to score on a seventh-inning double by Russell Martin. Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times (