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Flood Devastation in Haiti

Gonaives residents receive free bags of water. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
A woman receives rice from CARE. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
Haitian police try to control the crowd gathered to get food. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
Gonaives residents fight in line for donated food. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
Hungry and thirsty, survivors in Gonaives, Haiti, wait anxiously for food and water. Many residents are still marooned on rooftops amid floods caused by Tropical Storm Jeanne. (Ariana Cubillos / AP)
Haitians make their way on a flooded highway in the port city of Gonaives, which was worst hit by Jeanne. (Daniel Morel / AP)
Morgue workers place bodies in bags in preparation for a mass burial. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
Two Argentine UN peacekeepers smile as they help deliver a newborn baby at an aid station in the city of Gonaives in northeastern Haiti. (Thony Belizaire / AFP)
Flooding in Gonaives. (Sophia Paris / Getty Images)
A worker stands near bodies at the La Providence’s Hospital. (Ariana Cubillos / AP)
Julie Nesyux grieves at the funeral of her sister, Odilla Nesyux, who was killed in the flooding. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
Gonaives residents flee their town carrying sacks of rice. (Michael Laughlin / Sun-Sentinel)
A bus loaded with people tries to cross a flooded main road to Gonaives. (Walter Astrada / AP)
Two women carry their children as they walk on the main route to Gonaives. (Walter Astrada / AP)
Dina Joseph, right, and two little boys take refuge at the Caritas School in Gonaives. (Ariana Cubillos / AP)
A man walks on the flooded main road to Gonaives. (Walter Astrada / AP)
People walk past dead animals on a flooded street in Gonaives. (Ariana Cuibillos / AP)
A woman washes clothes in Gonaives’ main square. (Ariana Cuibillos / AP)
People cover their noses from the stench as they walk with their belongings in Gonaives. (Ariana Cuibillos / AP)
Red Cross workers load humanitarian aid onto a plane at Torrejon Air Base in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Spanish Red Croos sent the first humanitarian aid shipment to Haiti after Tropical Storm Jeanne. (Juanjo MartÌn / EPA)
U.N. workers unload supplies from a helicopter in Gonaives. (UN / AP)