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First Presidential Debate - Coral Gables, Fla.

President George W. Bush and his Democratic opponent Sen. John Kerry as the debate begins. (Charles Dharapak / AP)
Kerry answers a question during the debate. At one point, he said that Bush, in fighting the war in Iraq, had committed a “colossal error of judgment.” (Robert Mayer / Sun-Sentinel)
During the debate, Bush said, “The right action was in Iraq. My opponent calls it a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake.” (Robert Mayer / Sun-Sentinel)
Kerry said, “I’ve had one position, one consistent position: that Saddam Hussein was a threat. There was a right way to disarm him, and a wrong way. And the president chose the wrong way.” (Ron Edmonds / AP)
Bush responded: “The only thing consistent about my opponent’s position is that he’s been inconsistent. He changes positions. And you cannot change positions in this war on terror if you expect to win. And I expect to win. It’s necessary we win.” (Ron Edmonds / AP)