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Wilma’s Fury

The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Wilma in Cancun, Mexico. (Moises Pablo / EPA)
Residents wait outside closed stores in Cancun, Mexico, after the storm deluged the resort town. (Alfredo Estrella AFP/Getty Images)
Huge waves hit Havana’s harbor as Hurricane Wilma passed through parts of Cuba on Monday. (Alejandro Ernesto / EPA)
Huge waves triggered by Hurricane Wilma battered Havana, Cuba. (Ismael Francisco AFP/Getty Images)
Residents look at the waves from a street in Havana. (EPA)
Surges from Hurricane Wilma flooded streets in parts of Havana. (Adalberto Roque AFP/Getty Images)
A group of people is rescued by firefighters from a flooded street in Havana, Cuba. (Alejandro Ernesto / EPA)
People eat at a flooded cafe in La Havana, Cuba. (EPA)
Cuban rescue workers help residents evacuate after Hurricane Wilma flooded parts of Havana. (Randy Rodriguez / AP)
Hurricane Wilma knocked down this electricity pole in Havana, Cuba. (Alejandro Ernesto / EPA)
A satellite image provided by N.O.A.A. and taken at 2:15 p.m. EDT Monday shows Hurricane Wilma as it swirls in the Atlantic Ocean just east of the coast of Florida. (NOAA / AP)
Hurricane Wilma knocked down this boat storage facility in Sunny Isles, Fla. (Al Diaz / AP)
The Kathleen C. Wright building in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., was damaged by Hurricane Wilma. (Robert Mayer / Sun-Sentinel)
Residents look at the damage caused by Hurricane Wilma to the Sugarland Mobile Home Park in Clewiston, Fla. (Luis Alvarez / AP)
The tail section of this plane was ripped off when it was thrown into another private aircraft at the hangar in Palm Beach Municipal Airport in Lantana, Fla. (Gary Rothstein / EPA)
A sailboat lies on its side in a parking lot next to a diner in Coconut Grove in south Florida. (Angel Valentin / Sun-Sentinel)
Willie Perez, an employee of a car repair shop, drives a customer’s car in south Florida. (Angel Valentin / Sun-Sentinel)
George Halloran walks past a houseboat that was toppled over by Hurricane Wilma when it passed through Key West, Fla. (Lynne Sladky / AP)
Manuel Garcia tries to clear branches from a tree that crashed into his Jeep in Immokalee, Fla. (Gerardo Mora / EPA)
Cecil Oglesby of Everglade City, Fla., inspects the damage after Hurricane Wilma flooded his house. The storm also damaged the roof of his house, the second time it has happened. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew also knocked the roof off his house. (C.J. Gunther / EPA)
Doug Hitchcock rescues his cat, Nimmer, from his trailer near Marathon, Fla. (Peter Andrew Bosch / AP)
Wilma flooded parts of Naples, Fla. (Carlo Allegri / Getty Images)