Architect Hagy Belzberg suggests Carlo Contin’s Satellite Bowl
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Architect Hagy Belzberg suggests Carlo Contin’s Satellite Bowl. (LORI SHEPLER / Los Angeles Times)
Architect Hagy Belzberg’s redesign of Patina restaurant. (TIM STREET PORTER)
Kelley Wearstler, interior designer, likes to give Pratesi throws (KEN HIVELY / Los Angeles Times)
Kelly Wearstler’s redesign of Palm Springs’ Estrella. (GREY CRAWFORD)
Wayne Woods, floral designer, recommends Santa Maria NovellaNovello candles for their fragrances. (UMBERTO)
One of Wayne Woods recent floral designs. (ROBERT GAUTHIER / Los Angeles Times)
Kathryn Ireland, textile and interior designer, suggests William Yeoward glass. (William Yeoward Catalog)
Nancy Goslee Power, landscape designer, likes to give handmade pottery like these dishes by Carol Aronowsky. (AL SEIB / Los Angeles Times)
Examples of Kathryn Ireland’s work. (LORI SHEPLER / Los Angeles Times)
Nancy Goslee Power’s design of the gardens at Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum. (NANCY GOSLEE POWER)