Nita Lelyveld

Nita Lelyveld writes City Beat stories about moments in the life of Los Angeles. She was born in New York and grew up around the world, but has now lived in L.A. longer than she’s lived anywhere else. Before joining The Times in 2001, she wrote for the Tuscaloosa News, the Associated Press and the Philadelphia Inquirer, which sent her to L.A. as a national writer in 1997.  She went reluctantly, but fell for the place.
El problema de soledad en Los Ángeles ¿podría terminar con una caminata?

Es difícil imaginar cómo algunas personas evitan la soledad en Los Ángeles.

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The loneliness problem in L.A. starts with traffic. Could it end with a walk?

Connecting with others can be difficult in L.A., with the sprawl and the traffic, but Chuck McCarthy's people-walking service is a salve for lonely souls.