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Ryan Menezes works on the Los Angeles Times Data Desk, where he analyzes data, writes stories, crafts visualizations and tackles various journalistic problems with the help of code. He's used data to cover a variety of topics including demographics, money in politics, education, healthcare and public policy. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in statistics, he joined The Times in 2013.
¿El primer equipo en anotar 100 puntos usualmente gana? Revisamos 27,000 juegos de la NBA para averiguarlo

La tasa de anotación (los equipos promedian 111 puntos por juego) no se ha visto en la liga desde la década de 1970, cuando Lawler estaba al principio de

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Does the first team to score 100 points usually win? We checked 27,000 NBA games to find out

Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler has long invoked “Lawler’s Law” — his belief that the first basketball team to score 100 points in a game wins.