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Coachella Cuties

Mark Jones who owns the London-based label “Wall of Sound” shows that men can be pretty in pink and that fuzzy caps are never out. Bands: Kraftwerk and Prince (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Erica Steiner of L.A. proves that it’s never too hot for platform boots. Besides, those fishnets and frilly black pantaloons let in plenty of desert air. Band: Pendulum (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Lily Frisco of L.A. knows that when it comes to festival fashion ‘70s bell bottoms with shooting star pockets are always in style. Band: Diplo (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Coachella is nothing if not a showcase for young skin. Haley Davis is at home in silver bottoms. Maybe that’s why she is part of the latest Alexander McQueen ad campaign. Band: Vas Defrans (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Haley Davis reveals her true self in both silver bottoms and a sassy purple bikini top. Band: Vas Defrans (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
There’s nothing wrong with the classic flower-child look. Vancouver’s Suzanne McIvor glows in a little white shirt dress embroidered with flowers. Her hair is secured with a simple leather string. Band: Vampire Weekend (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Looking appropriately rumpled Melissa Stetten and James Oliver of Los Angeles are stoked about their coconut cocktail. His pinstriped shorts are secured with a rattlesnake belt that he procured in Tijuana. Band: Aphex Twin (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Lora Norton of Venice sticks out in a crowd with a handmade strapless dress and bright pink flowers in her hair. She’s no stranger to Coachella; her band the Chuck Dukowsi Sextet played the festival last year. Band: Raconteurs (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
With a giant heart pendant and a wispy cotton dress in a dizzy, psychedelic pattern, Eva Pron shows that big sunglasses always rock. Band: Aphex Twin (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Annia Ezpuerro has a thing for pink. Her unique, layered cotton jumper dress is by Mexican designer Olga Olivares. Band: Café Tacvba (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Model and actress Melissa Keller has probably never looked bad in her life. Her credits include Entourage, “Drop Dead Sexy” and the Sports Illustrated 40th Anniversary Swimsuit Special. Bands: Raconteurs, Kraftwerk (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Susie Strong from Seattle cools off with a delicate paper fan. Her silver, metallic bag sparkles next to her long pink dress. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Georgia Gwynne Griffiths from Laurel Canyon is part of a gold-cloaked clan that has been walking around Coachella carrying giant Mylar “F’s.” Her group is called the Freeland Fighters or the Adam Freeland Cult and they’re devoted to the liberal political message and electronica stylings of UK DJ Adam Freeland. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Shane Rucker of New York shows off her incredible ‘50s postcard-style thigh tattoo and sexy black Mexican peasant dress. She is also a Freeland Fighter.  (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Rolling Stone journalist and Freeland Fighter Anthony Bozza cozies up with beau Shane Rucker in the VIP lounge. “We have wrist communicators in case we lose each other,” Bozza says, flashing a fancy black bracelet. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)