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Q: How do I leave a comment?

A: Log into Los Angeles Times, then type and post a comment.

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A: Click on the Comment link below each comment to open a panel from which you can give a comment thumbs up or down, or report a comment for being spam or for violating our commenting guidelines.

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Q: Can I lose points?

A: Yes, you can lose points for having comments flagged or deleted for violating our commenting guidelines. (Those are: Be relevant, respectful, honest, discreet and responsible. See above.)

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A: The more you buy, the less expensive they are on a sliding scale that starts at 22 points for $1 and goes up to 880 points for $10. The prices may change as we experiment with this system.

Q: Why are there promoted comments?

A: We’ve learned that some of you really feel strongly about making sure you are heard on certain stories. This system gives you a way to have those comments prominently displayed. The bidding system is intended to give everyone a chance to compete for those prominent spots.

Q: Why can points be purchased?

A: We recognize that people who are not frequent, loyal users of our site have probably not accumulated many points, but they may really want to have their comments displayed prominently on some stories.

Q: Who can promote a comment?

A: Anyone. Readers can promote their own comments or someone else's.

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A: By default, you will be notified via email if someone replies to your comment. (You can turn that function off, if you want to.)