Response to Terror

Times coverage from its Oct. 5, 2001, edition.

  • What Proof? Terrorism Alone Is Cause for Action

    Since President Bush declared war on terrorism, a number of governments have said they would join one of our coalitions of support-but only if we could prove to them that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11. To accommodate that request would be to rescind our war on terrorism....

  • Muslims Abhor the Double Standard

    Since Sept. 11, we have repeatedly heard In the wake of the terrible attacks on Sept. 11 September, we hear repeated suggestions in the media that the Muslim world "hates American values"-a view that In fact, this view has it that is dangerously wrong. In fact, the vast majority of Muslims or even...

  • Duty, Honor, Party!

    Do I have this right? If we just hold on a little longer in this crisis, the government might send us all on vacation? Do your part, patriots: Book your tickets on Broadway. Waikiki, here we come. Take that, Osama bin Laden. And you thought we were a feckless bunch. We're not turning our cheek....

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