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High-resolution photos from Discovery

The blackness of space and Earth’s horizon form the backdrop for this image featuring the nose of Discovery while docked to the International Space Station. (Stephen K. Robinson NASA / Getty Images)
Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson is anchored to a foot restraint on the International Space Station’s robotic arm. (NASA / Getty Images)
Discovery, with its cargo doors open, is seen from the International Space Station following the shuttle’s undocking from the station. (NASA)
The International Space Station against the Earth’s horizon, as seen from the shuttle. (NASA)
The shuttle, docked to the International Space Station, is obscured by a Soyuz vehicle, which serves as the space station crew’s lifeboat. Both the shuttle’s and the station’s robotic arms are visible. (NASA)
Space Station Commander Sergei Krikalev and shuttle Commander Eileen Collins photographed in the space station’s Unity node. (NASA)
The crew of Discovery in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. Front row, left to right, Andrew S. W. Thomas, Commander Eileen M. Collins and Soichi Noguchi. Back row, left to right, James M. Kelly, Charles J. Camarda, Stephen K. Robinson, and Wendy B. Lawrence. (NASA AFP/Getty Images)
The International Space Station against blackness of space as the orbital outpost moves away from Discovery. (NASA AFP/Getty Images)
The International Space Station photographed from Discovery as the shuttle pulls away. (NASA AFP/Getty Images)
Earth provides the background in this image of the International Space Station. (AP / NASA)
Mission Specialist Steve Robinson casts a shadow on the underside of Discovery and the Nile can be seen below during his spacewalk. (Steve Robinson / NASA via Getty Images)
Some of the thermal protection tiles on Discovery’s underside as photographed by astronaut Stephen K. Robinson during an inspection of possible damage to the shuttle. (EPA / NASA)
Soichi Noguchi takes part in a spacewalk that included fellow astronauts Stephen K. Robinson and Andrew S. W. Thomas. (EPA / NASA)
Discovery photographed after docking to the International Space Station. A portion of a station truss is visible at bottom left. (Stephen K. Robinson / NASA via Getty Images)