Back Bay Bistro
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Exploring Back Bay

An American kestrel, a type of small falcon, dines on a Jerusalem cricket. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
An osprey, whose name is derived from a Latin word meaning bone-breaker, clutches a fish on a channel marker in Upper Newport Bay. Also known as a fish eagle or sea hawk, the osprey is the largest bird of prey regularly found in the bay. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
City lights and streaking airplanes from nearby John Wayne Airport paint the night sky above an ancient agave cactus. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
A black-and-yellow argiope spider awaits a meal in its trailside web. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
Cormorants sun themselves on driftwood after a morning of fishing. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
A barn owl eyes at a nighttime intruder. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
Dew drops cling to a spiraling vine creeping through the underbrush. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
Pelicans glide past a group of American coots dozing at sunrise. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
A coyote peers from among the brush while foraging at the water’s edge. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
Cirrus clouds mimic the curves of a mustard plant at dawn. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)
The wanderings of a seagull are etched in a rippled sandbar. (KENT TREPTOW / DP)