Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom: Life in Pictures

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Not just another pretty face

Think Orlando Bloom is just another pretty face? Think again. This guy has had an interesting life, and he has the wisdom to go with it. (Michael Buckner / Getty Images)
Orlando Bloom -- Pirates
Shocking discovery

Growing up, Orlando thought that novelist Harry Saul Bloom was his father. Years after Harry’s death, Orlando’s mother told him that his father was actually a family friend named Colin Stone. (Vince Bucci / Getty Images)
Orlando Bloom -- Oscars
Life-changing incident

After many accidents, Orlando fell three stories when he was trying to get onto a friend’s roof. Although he was told he would never walk again, Orlando walked out of the hospital just weeks later. This experience put the brakes on his fast-paced lifestyle and changed him forever. He still has a screw in his back. (Beatrice de Gea / Los Angeles Times)
Orlando Bloom -- GQ
Green guy

After his accident, Orlando turned to yoga to help recover. He’s also a practicing Buddhist and an avid environmentalist. He even renovated his home to include solar panels. (Alastair Grant / AP)
Orlando Bloom -- Rings
Big break

Shortly after graduation from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Orlando landed a part in “The Lord of the Rings.” While shooting the film, the accident-prone hunk broke a rib by falling off a horse. (Pierre Vinet / New Line Productions)
Orlando Bloom -- Elizabethtown
Film career

More period pieces followed, like “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” Orlando stepped into the 20th century to play Drew Baylor in “Elizabethtown,” but the movie was poorly received. David Denby of The New Yorker asked, “How could this vacuous movie have got made? Didn’t anyone at Paramount, which paid for the film, read the script?” (Peter Mountain / Disney Enterprise)
Orlando Bloom -- ‘Extras’
Orlando can take a joke

Orlando doesn’t take himself too seriously. On “Extras,” he played himself, but acted hideously snobby and jealous of his “Pirates” co-star Johnny Depp. (Peter Mountain / Disney Enterprises)
Orlando Bloom -- Google

If you had a crush on Orlando in 2006, you weren’t alone; Orlando was the most searched man on Google News that year. (Pierre Vinet / New Line Productions)
Orlando Bloom -- Haven

It’s no secret that Orlando’s a hottie; even he knows it. Orlando admits he’s a hunk, and says that’s not always a good thing. As he told GQ, “My cousin once told me, ‘You’re tall, you’re handsome—and you’re gonna have to apologize for it the rest of your life.’” (Jim Ross / Getty Images)
Orlando Bloom

Orlando is best known for his romance with Kate Bosworth, but she is hardly the only woman in his little black book. Orlando has also been linked to Uma Thurman, Kirsten Dunst (shown here), Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel and Penélope Cruz. (Neal Preston / Paramount Pictures)