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Coolest movie trees

‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939)

Type of tree: Apple tree

Special abilities: A nasty attitude and a tart tongue. These trees don’t take kindly to having their apples picked, especially by naive little girls from Kansas.

Cool factor: 7 (out of a possible 10) (Turner Ent. Co.)
‘Poltergeist’ (1982)

Type of tree: Gnarly, old

Special abilities: The old tree in the Cuesta Verde neighborhood does the grumpy, apple-throwing trees of Oz one better. Don’t like the way that kid is looking at you? Snatch him out of his bed at night and try to swallow him whole. Unfortunately, this tree winds up on the business end of a tornado and doesn’t get to complete its mission. But there are always other trees...

Cool factor:(MGM)
‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ (2002) (New Line Productions)
‘Sleepy Hollow’ (1999)

Type of tree: Tree of the Dead

Special abilities: Besides serving as a convenient passageway for Headless Horsemen to travel back and forth between the land of the living and the land of the dead, the tree also has plenty of nooks and crannies perfect for the storage of severed heads.

Cool factor:(Paramount Pictures)
‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ (2004)

Type of tree: Willow

Special abilities: Whomping, pounding, pummeling, beating, smashing and “whuppin’.” Planted on the grounds of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Whomping Willow seems to exist only to frustrate and annoy students attempting to participate in activities outside their approved curriculum. While the Willow isn’t as dangerous as the creatures of the Forbidden Forest, it can still cause a major headache (literally) for the unwary student.

Cool factor:(Warner Bros.)
‘The Fountain’ (2006)

Type of tree: Tree of Life

Special abilities: Its sap provides healing, but just don’t taste the sap -- you’ll sprout flowers. The Tree of Life exists in multiple times and in different forms. Sometimes it’s a big old tree, other times its just a seed or even a little tree traveling through space. Don’t try to explain it, you’ll just feel stupid.

Cool factor:()
‘Tarzan’ (1999)

Type of tree: Fake

Special abilities: Notable more for what it houses -- a nifty treehouse -- than what it can do, the tree from Disney’s animated “Tarzan” movie is one of the only cool movie trees that you can actually see for yourself. Not the animated version, mind you, but a reasonably accurate facsimile at Disneyland.

Cool factor:(Robert Lachman / Los Angeles Times)