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‘Gossip Girl’ Season 1 yearbook

By Enid Portuguez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

As we approach both the end of the first season and the school year for the cast of “Gossip Girl,” we hand out our yearbook awards for our favorite moments and scene-stealers.

Most likely to succeed: Blair

Cheating boyfriends, bulimia, conniving freshmen and Chuck can’t stop her from prevailing. Just when you thought her table at Butter was in danger of forever remaining empty, Blair puts on her mighty headband, unleashes her claws and triumphantly regains her rightful place atop the Upper East Side’s throne. (The CW)
Most improved wardrobe: Jenny

Little J’s homemade outfits were cute and all, but you can’t knock the Queen Bees off their pedestals wearing thrift store scraps. She may have had to steal her way up the fashion fiefdom, but she certainly looked great doing it! (The CW)
Most romantic date: Dan and Serena’s second date

Eschewing Dan’s initial fancy-shmancy plan for their first date, it was cute to know that Serena preferred to be in a dingy downtown pool hall instead of an expensive French restaurant. Plus, teaching a girl to play pool is the perfect setup for making the move. (The CW)
“Ooops!” moment of the year: Nate kissing Jenny at the masquerade ball

It was an honest mistake -- both Serena and Jenny have blonde hair and were wearing yellow gowns that night. But professing your love to a girl that’s not your girlfriend at a school dance isn’t a smart move -- even if everyone’s masked. (The CW)
Sweetest gift: Chuck’s birthday present to Blair

Actions speak louder than words. Chuck may prefer to keep his true feelings for Blair at bay (“Define like” was his response when she asked if he liked her), but the diamond necklace he gave her for her birthday showed exactly how much he cared. (The CW)
Most unlikely friendship: Chuck and Eric

We feared little Eric was on the fast track to becoming one of Chuck’s minions, but after his accidental outing, Eric immediately called Chuck because he “never judged” him. Awww, there’s really a heart behind that sneaky scarf of his. (The CW)
Most unpopular: Alison Humphrey

Thankfully, the writers had some sense to send Alison back to Hudson where she belongs. We couldn’t believe that Rufus would ever leave Lily for someone that boring, but we’re grateful for that fantastically awkward Thanksgiving dinner scene. Raise your hand if you’re over 30 and acting really weird right now. Ha! (The CW)
Favorite addition to the cast: Georgina Sparks

We hate her so much that we love her. Her brand of pure, unadulterated evil is just what the show needed to spice up story lines (and hopefully ratings). With Michelle Trachtenberg signed on to become a full-time member of the cast next season, we can only imagine what Georgina will be up to next. (The CW)
Biggest OMG moment: Serena’s secret

Don’t pretend your mouth wasn’t agape at the very end of that episode. Serena’s confession that she killed someone took the show to the level of greatness. Of course, she really couldn’t actually kill a person ... could she? (The CW)