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‘Idol’s’ Final 3: Pros and Cons

Melinda will lose

She can sing, sure. We’ve known that from the beginning. But her precious “Who me? You liked it?” act wore thin long ago. She’s older than her fellow contestants and not as good looking. And while her performances have been consistent (can’t argue with that) they’ve been almost too consistent. It’s been weeks since she wowed us. (Frank Micellotta / FOX)
Blake will win!

Blake is cute. He’s young. He’s fresh. His human beat boxing skills cannot be denied. He has style. He takes the most chances. And the 12 year old girls are voting him in droves since he’s the only guy left in the competition for budding young romantics to fall in love with. He’s also the best dancer. (Frank Micelotta / FOX)
Blake will lose

His singing is fine, but in comparison to the two big voiced virtuosos he’s competing against, his abilities seem passable at best. As Chris Daughtry demonstrated- it doesn’t pay to be too unique. That beat boxing stuff is neat, but he needs to tone it down a bit. And this is a singing competition not a dance contest. (Frank MIcelotta / FOX)
Jordin will win!

She’s beautiful, she’s young. She makes that cute heart shape with her hands during her post-singing follow up with Ryan Seacrest. Lately her vocals have been on par with Melinda’s, and her signage is at an all time high. (Frank Micelotta / FOX)
Jordin will lose

She may be too young. Will she be able to pull out enough original breathtaking performances in one week to wow on the Kodak stage? (Frank Micelotta / FOX)