Meet the four faces of Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy'

Meet the four faces of Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy'
Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy in "Spy." (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS) (Handout / TNS)

In "Spy," Melissa McCarthy plays a secret agent who takes on quirky identities in the field. Costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark (along with Linda Flowers, who did the wigs) created four distinct looks.

Below is a rundown of each identity's key characteristics:

Identity: Susan Cooper (the analyst)

Background: Office support to top CIA spy

The clothes: Business appropriate attire in a muted color palette

The hair: Shirley Temple curls, pinned away from face

Objective: Convey lack of physicality without being unattractive

Identity: Carol Jenkins

Background: Midwestern mother of three

The clothes: Oversized, fringed suede vest paired with large skirt in a bold print; large denim purse

The hair: Short and retro

Objective: Portray a carefree woman, void of fashion sense, on vacation

Identity: Penny Morgan

Background: Housewife; owns 10 cats

The clothes: Pink sweat suit; sweater emblazoned with a large cat head; neckerchief

The hair: Short gray curls

Objective: Show a retired Middle American woman who likes decoupage

Identity: Susan Cooper (the spy)

Background: Leading CIA field agent

The clothes: Edgy and athletic jacket; 1950s cigarette pants-inspired; black leather gloves

The hair: Brunet with bangs

Objective: Embody a serious intelligence agent who is classic yet modern