Fry it up!

Fried Food
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Your heart will hate you for it, but your stomach’s growling and your taste buds are begging for a trip to the county fair, the highlight of any roughneck gourmet’s summer schedule. Ahhhh … the county fair, bastion of all that is fried and fatty and deeply American.

From avocados and artichoke hearts to Twinkies and Oreos, the deep fryers at the Orange County Fair were working overtime. Because if it’s not breaded, fried and speared with a stick, is it really worth eating?

For a preview of the fried food madness at the Southland’s summer fairs, we humbly offer this photo gallery of fried food at the O.C. Fair. Here at the Los Angeles Times, we risk our arteries, so you don’t have to.