A fine mess
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The Simpsons Movie

A FINE MESS: Homer and Bart make like Evel Knievel in “The Simpsons Movie.” (Matt Groening / Twentieth Century Fox)
SHOW RUNNER: Al Jean did double duty on the TV series and movie. (Twentieth Century Fox)
PRODUCER: Richard Sakai streamlined the animation process. (John Russo / Twentieth Century Fox)
DIRECTOR: David Silverman kept movie in sync with the show. (Erica Mueller / © Berliner Studio)
CREATOR: Matt Groening’s squiggly brainchildren are now an empire. (Twentieth Century Fox)
CONSCIENCE: Longtime executive producer James L. Brooks. (John Russo / Twentieth Century Fox)
Revenge seekers: The citizens of Springfield converge on the Simpsons’ household after a Homeric bungle. (Matt Groening / Twentieth Century Fox)