Telugu ‘Thriller’

Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

What we're dealing with: A Tollywood (that's like Bollywood but from Southern India) version of the classic "Thriller" video. The scene is from the late '80s film "Donga" ("Thief") and the Michael Jackson part is played by the incredibly prolific Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi.

Accuracy of the parody: 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Chiranjeevi can't dance or sing like Jackson, but he wears the red leather, his eyes change color, and he puts his shoulder up a lot. Also, instead of "Thriller," he keeps saying "Killer."

Worth watching: Absolutely. You show us someone who doesn't have 3 1/2 minutes during their workday to watch the Telugu "Thriller" and we'll show you a REAL zombie.