Tears still flow
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Tears still flow
Family members mourn at the grave of Zaur Biziyev, a boy who was only 8 when he died at Middle School No. 1 in Beslan. (Ivan Sekretarev / AP)
Determined mother
“We ask questions, and they don’t answer,” says Susanna Dudiyeva, foreground, head of the Beslan Mothers Committee, which seeks a full accounting of the events leading to the carnage. (AFP / Getty Images)
Official inquiry
Russian prosecutor Nikolai Shepel is trying to determine government forces were criminally negligent in their conduct of the operation. However, he believes they had nothing to do with the initial explosion. (Dmitry Lovetsky / AP)
These men are believed to have been part of the band of militants who invaded the school and took hundreds hostage. The photograph was confiscated during Russian law enforcement pursuit of suspects. (Office of the Russian prosecutor general)
Chaotic battle
Russian commandos help a wounded buddy as they and two civilian women try to take cover during the confrontation with guerrillas on Sept. 3, 2004. (Yuri Tutov / AFP/Getty Images)