The Behennas
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Iraq killing part 2

The Behennas
Scott and Vicki Behenna with a sign in Edmond, Okla., picturing their son 1st Lt. Michael Behenna. (John Clanton / For The Times)
In the Behenna home
Vicki Behenna, with husband Scott, looks through mementos of Iraq and letters of support in their son Michael’s old bedroom. (John Clanton / For The Times)
Herbert MacDonell
Herbert MacDonell, a forensic scientist hired by the prosecution, was stunned by defendant 1st Lt. Michael Behenna’s testimony. “Maybe this guy’s telling the truth,” he thought. (Will Yurman / For The Times)
An Arabic phrase book that 1st Lt. Michael Behenna had given to one of his men -- who was later killed in a bombing -- was among the young officer’s mementos of Iraq. (John Clanton / For The Times)
Court illustration from McVeigh trial
Vicki Behenna is shown in this 1997 courtroom sketch as Stephen Jones, left, defense attorney for Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh, questions a potential juror in federal court in Denver. Patrick Ryan, then the U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, is at right. (Pat Lopez / Associated Press)