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Mumbai attacks

Indian soldiers keep watch on the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai on Friday morning. (Altaf Qadri / Associated Press)
Troops, Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai
Indian army soldiers take positions near the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai. (Gurinder Osan / Associated Press)
Chabad Lubavitch, Window
Commandos take position near a building housing a Jewish outreach group, Chabad Lubavitch. (Saurabh Das / Associated Press)
Taj Mahal hotel, Mumbai
Smoke billows out of the Taj Mahal hotel. (Gautam Singh / Associated Press)
St. Georges Hospital, Mumbai, grief, Sharda Janardhan Chitikar
Sharda Janardhan Chitikar, left, two children died in the terrorist attacks, is consoled by a relative as they wait fto pick up the bodies outside St. Georges Hospital in Mumbai. (Gurinder Osan / Associated Press)
Troops, Mumbai, Taj Mahal
Security personnel take positions outside the Taj Mahal Hotel. (Harish Tyagi / EPA)
Mumbai, Jewish outreach center,
An Indian military gunman trains his weapon on the Jewish outreach center, where hostages were being held. (Associated Press)
Gunman, train station, Mumbai
A suspected terrorist gunman walks through the train station in Mumbai. (Sebastian D’souza / Mumbai Mirror)
Mumbai, India, hostages, attacks, terrorism
People take cover at the sound of gunfire outside The Taj Hotel in Mumbai, India, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008. (Rajanish Kakade / Associated Press)
Mumbai, attacks, terrorists
Pigeons fly as the Taj Hotel continues to burn on Thursday morning in Mumbai, India. (Gautam Singh / Associated Press)
Mumbai attacks
Employees and guests use curtains to flee the Taj Mahal hotel. (Lorenzo Tugnoli / AFP/Getty Images)
Mumbai attacks
Firefighters battle a blaze at the Taj Mahal hotel that broke out after police and gunmen exchanged gunfire. (European Pressphoto Agency)
Mumbai attacks
Flames shoot out of the Taj Mahal hotel. (European Pressphoto Agency)
Mumbai attacks
A blast damaged a section of downtown. (Gautam Singh / Associated Press)
Mumbai attacks
The landmark Taj Mahal Hotel was one of the prominent targets in the fatal attacks in Mumbai, India. Police reported hostages being held there and the Oberoi; the hotels are among the best-known upscale destinations in the city.  (Gautam Singh / Associated Press)
Mumbai attacks
A man carries a victim of the gun attack at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai, India. (Rajanish Kakade / Associated Press)
Mumbai attacks
Glass litters an empty platform at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai, India, site of a deadly attack by gunmen. (Associated Press)
Mumbai attacks
Soldiers arrive outside the Trident hotel to launch a rescue operation. (European Pressphoto Agency)
Mumbai attacks
Guests of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel comfort each other in an ambulance after they were rescued. (Gautam Singh / Associated Press)