Learning to stalk
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Saving the South China tiger

A South China tiger cub, shown at 2 1/2 months, learns to hunt in South Africa. (Robyn Dixon / Los Angeles Times)
A cat named TigerWoods patrols one of his favorite haunts, near a river, at the Laohu Valley reserve. (Robyn Dixon / Los Angeles Times)
A South China tiger named Cathay now lives at a South African game reserve. In November, she gave birth to a cub -- the first of its species born outside China. (Robyn Dixon / Los Angeles Times)
The cub, shown here when he was 10 days old, doesn’t have a name yet. A contest to name him has attracted more than 7,000 entries in China alone. (Denis Farrell / Associated Press)
The cub is bottle-fed at the Laohu Valley Reserve, near Philippolis, South Africa. He is now in a specialist zoo but is scheduled to return to Laohu after his final vaccination, when he is 4 months old. (Denis Farell / Associated Press)
TigerWoods, then a cub, roars in its cage at a zoo in Beijing in October 2004. (Greg Baker / Associated Press)
A South China tiger peers out of his cage at a Johannesburg airport in 2007. (Denis Farrell / Associated Press)