“Helsinki against Trump and Putin” demonstration
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‘Helsinki against Trump and Putin’ demonstration

Demonstrators hold a banner calling for human rights and democracy during protests in Helsinki, Finland, during President Trump’s visit to the nation. 

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A protester wears a mask portraying Russian President Vladimir Putin during a demonstration that organizers were calling “Helsinki against Trump and Putin” in the Finnish capital on Monday. 

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Protesters gather in Helsinki on the sidelines of the scheduled one-on-one meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. The two leaders were to meet alone, with only translators accompanying them in the room. 

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President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin appear before an unprecedented one-on-one meeting in Helsinki. 

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Trump and Putin shake hands ahead of their private meeting on Monday. Before their one-on-one  session, Trump said to Putin, “We have a lot of questions, and hopefully we’ll come up with answers. It’s great to be with you.”

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Protesters in Helsinki demonstrate on the day the Russian and American presidents meet privately at Finland’s ornate presidential palace.

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Protesters hold signs in Helsinki on Monday on the sidelines of a Trump-Putin one-on-one meeting. The Russian president arrived 45 minutes late, his plane touching down at the time when his first meeting with Trump was originally scheduled to begin. 

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Demonstrators wearing masks resembling President Trump protest in Helsinki on Monday. 

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The environmental group Greenpeace hangs a protest banner from the tower of the Kallio Church in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday. 

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