Date: Sept. 28, 2009

Victim: Unknown

Location: Unknown; complaint filed from Belmond, Iowa

Model: 2004 Toyota Solara

Details: In a complaint filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in January from Belmond, Iowa, the family of a woman killed in the crash of her 2004 Solara speculates that sudden unintended acceleration caused the accident.

The Solara is not included in the recent recalls of Toyota vehicles.

"My mother was driving her 2004 Toyota Solara and had an accident. The car jumped the curb, hit a tree, a lamp post and crashed into a stone sign. She was taken to the hospital where they found a large bruise on her arm. The doctors sent her for a scan right away but she had a stroke and never recovered. She died four days later," the complaint states.

"I realize that the current Toyota accelerator recall does not involve the Solara at this time, but our family is now suspicious. A cause of my mother's accident has not been determined. She died before police were able to ask her about the accident. The car is still smashed up and has not been repaired. Should we investigate this matter further?"

-- Stuart Pfeifer, Carol J. Williams and Robert Faturechi