Cinerama Dome
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The Los Angeles Film Festival

Cinerama Dome
The Arclight Cinerama Dome was a plush Opening Night host. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Emily Mortimer
“Lovely and Amazing’s” Emily Mortimer just couldn’t be cuter at the premiere of her film. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Natasha McElhone
Actress Natasha McElhone gives the fans a smile on Opening Night. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Molly Parker
Indie favorite Molly Parker keeps it cool on the red carpet. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly vamps it up for photographers. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Catherine Keener
Star of “Lovely and Amazing” Catherine Keener looks the part. (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Dermot Mulroney
Actor Dermot Mulroney continues in his efforts to separate himself from Dylan McDermott with a role in “Lovely and Amazing.” (ROBERT MORA / Getty Images)
Writer/director Neil LaBute
Writer/director Neil LaBute holds court with aspiring filmmakers at Chateau Marmont as one of the events at the Los Angeles Film Festival. (GEORGE WILHELM / LAT)