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Back-to-school lunchbox ideas (for kids and adults)

A theme of back to school this fall is saving money: on school supplies, clothes, electronics -- and lunch.

Lunchtime habits have changed -- for adults and for kids. Going out with coworkers every day is a thing of the past for many. And while we’re making the kids sandwiches, more of us are also starting to make our own.

Here are 10 kid- and adult-friendly recipes from our archives that will get you excited about opening the lunchbox: edamame sandwiches and drummettes with lime-pepper mayonnaise, apple oatmeal muffins and gingerbread house cookies. Here’s to lunch!

-- Kelsey Ramos

FRENCH TO GO: Pan bagnat is a traditional French sandwich, with classic salade niçoise (a salad composed mostly of fresh vegetables, hard boiled eggs, tuna, and olive oil) sandwiched between slices of crusty French bread. Click here for the recipe.


Grown-up lunches that pack a punch

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