Rosalind Creasy’s frontyard
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A Cook’s Frontyard

Rosalind Creasy, the mother of the edible landscape movement, grows 60 vegetables and fruits amid the flowers in her Bay Area frontyard. (JAKUB MOSUR / For The Times)
Dwarf apple trees can be espaliered into leafy hedges. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Pumpkin vines can create lush borders, or spill over ledges and planters. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Blueberries can be grown in oak barrel planters that line a home’s entrance path. (JAKUB MOSUR / For The Times)
Blackberry bushes climb over fences or fill big spaces. (JAKUB MOSUR / For The Times)
Chiles thrive amid flowers and lettuce. (JAKUB MOSUR / For The Times)