Cranberry Champagne Cocktail
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New Year’s Treats

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail
Cranberry Champagne Cocktail (BOB CAREY / Los Angeles Times)
Smoked Salmon Toasts
Smoked Salmon Toasts and Asparagus and Goat Cheese in Puff Pastry (BOB CAREY / Los Angeles Times)
Oysters Delmonico
Oysters Delmonico are one of many classic American oyster dishes. (AL SEIB / Los Angeles Times)
Oyster Rarebit
Oyster Rarebit from the original Fanny Farmer cookbook (1896). (AL SEIB / Los Angeles Times)
Mont-Blanc, a classic dessert
Mont-Blanc is a classic dessert that only looks like an all-day project. (BOB CAREY / Los Angeles Times)