Blek le Rat: ‘Art Is Not Peace but War’
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Blek Le Rat: ‘Art Is Not Peace but War’

French graffiti legend Blek Le Rat’s work will be featured in a exhibition at Subliminial Project Gallery in L.A. Included are photographs taken by his wife, Sybille Prou, of his works on streets throughout the world. Among them is “Checkpoint Charlie” in Berlin. (Sybille Prou)
“Beggar in Paris” 2005 (Sybille Prou)
“Napoleon in Paris” 2004 (Sybille Prou)
“Spaceman in Paris” 2003 (Sybille Prou)
“Beggar in Paris” 2007 (Sybille Prou)
“Lady Diana in London” 2006. (Sybille Prou)
“Faun in Volubilis, Morocco” 2001 (Sybille Prou)