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Solar designs

New York Institute of Technology’s solar-powered house at the 2005 Solar Decathlon, a competition among 18 teams from universities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Spain. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
Solar panels that power the New York Institute of Technology’s entry are seen through a window of the house. This year’s participants submitted proposals and plans to the Energy Department in the spring of 2003. The finalists were given a $5,000 stipend to work on their projects. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
University of Maryland’s entry. Each of the 500- to 800-square-foot buildings is being judged in 10 categories, including power generation for heating, cooling, lights and appliances; production of hot water; architecture and general livability. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
Universidad de Puerto Rico students give the final touches to team’s solar-powered home. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
A California Polytechnic State University student shows how a sliding glass wall separates the bedroom and bathroom from the living space in the team’s solar-powered house. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s entry features movable walls. The design also includes a traditional Spanish courtyard. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s entry. This is the second Solar Decathlon. The first, in 2002, was won by a team from the University of Colorado. The third competition is scheduled for 2007. (Stefano Paltera / Solar Decathlon)