Lexus IS-F
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Lexus IS-F

This car introduces the F sub-brand to the world, one that’s more performance-biased with a philosophy that could spread to other Lexus sedans or spawn completely new models. (LEXUS)
Being a Lexus, it still has a touch of luxury, with leather upholstery, a surprisingly supple ride quality, plus the option for a high-end audio system and satellite navigation. (LEXUS)
This car has been the most extensively tested machine not just in Lexus’ history, but in the history of Toyota as a whole -- hence a set of electronic driver aids that enhance the experience for a talented driver and flatter the less gifted. (LEXUS)
Not fully convincing as a driver’s tool, the IS F is still seriously powerful, incredibly capable, well built and fun on the road. (LEXUS)
Its core should be hard enough for most people. It should be interesting to see how well it does. (LEXUS)