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Library photo gallery

Caryn Mandabach’s home library in Pacific Palisades is a light-filled affair — hardly the dark, clubby space most people associate with reading rooms. Interior designer Peter Dunham maintained the room’s connection to the outdoors and added a green velvet sofa, richly aged leather chairs and a wall of books with a rolling ladder. (Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times)
Interior designer Dunham on one his favorite finishing touches, a rolling ladder. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)
Their Beverly Hills house includes a maple curio cabinet with pull-out drawers to store their collection of documents related to Southern California and African American history. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times)
Dailey and Turner’s custom bookcase soars to the ceiling in a style that echoes the 1930s Skyscraper furniture of Paul Frankl. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times)
Historian and dealer Victoria Dailey and husband Steve Turner, an art gallery owner, needed storage solutions for their tens of thousands of titles. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times)
West Hollywood library consultant Nick Harvill stores his personal collection on industrial steel and walnut shelves crafted by Oliver Furth. (Annie Wells, Los Angeles Times)
Harvill helps people to catalog, augment and present their collections. “The faux English lord approach fools no one,” he says. (Annie Wells, Los Angeles Times)