War with Iraq: Web Logs

Online diaries reporting and commenting on the war in Iraq.

Times Staff Writer
Below follows a sample of the thousands of Web logs reporting and commenting on the war in Iraq. (The Times assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the sites linked below.)


Baghdad Journal
Photos of victims and commentary about the war from a Boulder Creek peace activist on the scene in Iraq.

Daily Kos
A left-leaning political blog that's switched focus to the war's human toll.

Iraq Diaries
Original reporting and Web links by peace activists who have travelled to Iraq.

Stand Down
A group Web log, from almost two dozen contributors from across the political spectrum.
A roundup of news from around the Web, from an anti-war perspective.


A Minute Longer
The diary of a 29-year-old Army weapons specialist from Omaha, Neb., who this week arrived in Kuwait.

Blogs of War
A round-up of recent developments, updated several times a day, from two stateside war supporters. Also includes an extensive list of links to other pro-war Web logs.

Live from Kuwait
A day-by-day account of the war, from a civilian in Kuwait.

Live from the Sandbox
A U.S. reservist's online diary, offering many anecdotes from his tour of duty in the Gulf.

A Colorado Springs man's diary, from an irreverent right-wing view.


Command Post
Another group Web log, featuring links and summaries of news stories, presented with little commentary. Each contributor includes links to his or her private Web log, many of which do include comment about the war.

Talking Points Memo
Washington Monthly magazine's Joshua Marshall offers insight into the political battles behind the front lines.

Where is Raed?
The online diary of Iraqi "Salam Pax."