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Nablus and Ramallah, 4/6/02

A Palestinian father walks with his children through the destroyed rubble of downtown Ramallah. Israeli troops ransacked the office complex this week during their search missions for Palestinian militants. (CHRIS HONDROS / Getty Images)
Halimeh Al-Shaka, wife of the Mayor of Nablus, reacts to an attack by Israeli troops who stormed her home searching for her husband. The mayor was out of the country, but the Israeli troops took her two sons and six other men after stripping them to their underwear. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Halimeh Al-Shaka, wife of the Mayor of Nablus, is shaken from an attack by Israeli troops who searched her home at 3:00 am today. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Palestinians buy food supplies in downtown Ramallah. The military lockdown of Ramallah was briefly lifted during the afternoon, allowing residents to puchase necessary supplies. The respite ended after two hours, reverting back to the occupation and the 24-hour curfew that has been in effect for a week. (CHRIS HONDROS / Getty Images)
Jerusalem resident Nava Zaken, center, cheers on an Israeli soldier as he deploys to Bethlehem. Zaken and several friends were at the checkpoint outside Bethlehem to offer food and drink to the passing soldiers. (BRAYN CHAN / LAT)
Israeli tanks patrol the streets of Nablus as they fight militants in the city center and in several refugee camps in the area. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
A Palestinian family stares out their window in the town of Nablus where a 24-hour curfew is in effect. No one has come out of their home for two days, since Israeli soldiers occupied the city and began their operation. It is unknown how much longer the curfew will be in effect, or if there will be a temporary cease-fire to give families times to buy food and water. Most electricity is out throughout the city. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Smoke rises over Nablus as the Israeli military continues its attack on Palestinian militants. At least 13 Palestinians have died in the last two days. Most of the ongoing fighting is concentrated in the Old City center of Nablus and the surrounding refugee camps. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Holding hands, nurses from the Nablus Specialty Hospital make their way across the street from the hospital to their apartment. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
A television cameraman jumps from the explosion of a stun grenade thrown by an Israeli soldier in front of Yasser Arafat’s compound in Ramallah. Journalists attempting to cover the scheduled meeting between Yasser Arafat and U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni were turned back by Israeli soldiers. Ramallah remains a closed military zone under 24-hour curfew. (AP)
Smoke rises from the main entrance of the Church of the Nativity after an Israeli mortar shell was fired close to it in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. The Israeli army called on Palestinians hiding in the Church, one of the most sacred sites of Christendom, to come out, promising to treat them with respect. (AFP)
Palestinians wait to receive food donations from the Red Crescent society during a temporary lifting of the curfew in Ramallah. (AP)