It took me 52 minutes to get an Uber at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport introduced a new ride share system on Oct. 29. Before, you could get your Lyft, Uber, taxi, or other rideshare vehicle at the airport. But those days are over.

Now, to get into a rideshare vehicle, you have to go to a designated lot right outside of the airport. There are two ways to do this: by shuttle or by foot. Shuttles run every three to five minutes. A walk should take no more than 20 minutes from any terminal. But once you get to the lot, the wait can be very long.

While LAX has already made changes to help with wait times, they’re still long. How long? We decided to test the system out on a Sunday night, which, LAX officials say, is the busiest night of the week. We wanted to know: do the estimated wait times hold up? Or is the system worse than it appears?