Cinnabar style
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American in Paris

Cinnabar style
Rucci’s restrained and subtle styles include this cinnabar-red satin and ostrich jacket and dress. (AFP)
Crinkly fur creation
A crinkly, head-to-toe fur creation of Rucci’s seems to float down the runway at the Hotel d’Evreux in Paris. (AFP)
Mink and cashmere
A mink hood-style stole complements a double-faced knit cashmere ski sweater. (AP)
Ralph Rucci
Ralph Rucci, the first U.S. courturier since before World War II to have a show in Paris. (AP)
Attention to detail
A double-faced tailored suit reflects Rucci’s attention to detail. (AP)
Luciana Marinissen models for Rucci
Top Argentine model Luciana Marinissen is prepared for her turn down the catwalk during the showing of the Rucci collection. (AFP)