Art Deco house
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Streisand Slept Here

Tours of the property include the Art Deco house and help pay for the $160,000 annual upkeep of the 22-acre compound. (KEN HIVELY / LAT)
Outside the Art Deco house, a docent might point out that Streisand’s son had his bar mitzvah by the pool. (KEN HIVELY / LAT)
Inside the house, the bathroom’s design reflects the star’s attention to detail. (KEN HIVELY / LAT)
The Art Deco house, which wasn’t lived in, includes a dining room. (KEN HIVELY / LAT)
A custom chair from the art deco house (KEN HIVELY / LAT)
The wood carving, said to be a likeness of Streisand, is in another house. (KEN HIVELY / LAT)