Arthur Miller in 1950
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Arthur Miller in 1950
Arthur Miller in 1950 (Photo by Esther Handler)
Miller at rehearsal of his first comedy
Arthur Miller at rehearsal of his first comedy, “The Creation of the World and Other Business,” the 10th of his plays to run on Broadway. Miller, 56, said he hoped the play would “set ground of the nature of human beings in general.” (AP)
Miller with daughter and third wife in 1962
Daughter Rebecca Augusta was born in 1962 to Arthur Miller and his third wife, Ingebog Morath. (AP)
The Millers with the Oliviers
Honeymooners Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe with Sir Laurence Olivier and his wife, Vivien Leigh in Surrey, England, in July 1956. Mrs. Olivier was expecting a baby that December. ()
Miller with fiancee Marilyn Monroe in 1956
Arthur Miller with his fiancee actress Marilyn Monroe in June 1956 outside her apartment in New York City. (AP)
‘Crucible’ bow
Playwright Arthur Miller takes a bow March 7, 2002 during the opening of the play “The Crucible” at the Virginia Theater in New York City. (Dennis Clark / Getty Images)