Animators, cartoonists and illustrators

Animators, cartoonists and illustrators

Gustavo Arriola, 90; cartoonist who created Latino comic strip “Gordo” (Feb. 2)

John Alvin, 59; illustrator who created the posters for more than 120 movies, including “Blazing Saddles,” “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Lion King” (Feb. 6)

Steve Gerber, 60; comic-book writer who created the character of “Howard the Duck” (Feb. 10)

Dave Stevens, 52; artist best known for creating “The Rocketeer” comic book (March 10)

Oliver Martin “Ollie” Johnston Jr., 95; noted Disney animator and last surviving member of the legendary “Nine Old Men” who created many of the studio’s signature films (April 14)

Rosalie Ritz, 84; a premier courtroom artist who for four decades chronicled dozens of high-drama trials, including those of Charles Manson, Patty Hearst and O.J. Simpson (April 19)

Ted Key, 95; magazine cartoonist created maid Hazel and Mr. Peabody and Sherman (May 3)

Will Elder, 86; one of the original Mad magazine cartoonist-illustrators who helped set the irreverent visual style of the legendary satirical publication in the 1950s and later co-created the long-running “Little Annie Fanny” color cartoon strip in Playboy magazine (May 15)

Michael Turner, 37; a leading contemporary comic book artist who was known for drawing shapely female characters with superpowers (June 27)

Michael Silberkleit, 76; chairman and publisher of Archie Comics who strove to keep the comic rooted in an idealized clean-cut past (Aug. 5)

Bill Melendez, 91; animation pioneer best known for bringing “Peanuts” characters to life (Sept. 2)

Bob Winquist, 85; a former director of the character animation program at Cal Arts (Sept. 10)

Oliver Postgate, 83; created cuddly stuffed cat Bagpuss and other characters of British children’s television (Dec. 8)

Edward D. Cartier, 94; whose illustrations graced “The Shadow” and numerous other science fiction and mystery publications (Dec. 25)